Our program

Mission statement

To help people with life controlling issues and initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function as a Christian in society; applying spiritually motivated Biblical principals to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation, and the community. We endeavor to aid people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive. 

What we believe

A Better Way Ministries is based on the fact that the man’s basic need is a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. People use drugs and alcohol as an attempt to fill a void that only Jesus can fill. When Jesus is made the Lord and Savior of a person’s life, a total transformation will follow. We are a Christ centered facility, we do not practice any other customs or rituals contrary to the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

HOW it works

Fill out our online application here

Give us as least 24 hours for a staff member to contact you via email or phone. 

*Must have COVID-19 testing results before coming on property*

Once they have been accepted,  a staff member will notify when the student needs to arrive. List of items to bring here.

Things to know prior to entry

We understand men who enter A Better Way have most likely lived a life with no boundaries thus far. Our program has strict policies in place in order for them to thrive once returning back into the world. Here are a list of rules that will be challenging for most but are vital to the student’s growth.  

  • Cellphones are not allowed. (There will come a time in the program when the student will be allowed to call on the weekend and have family days on and off campus.) 
  • Students must be able to pay for their own medication. (approved and non-approved medication list)
  • Students will not be able to work a job outside the ministry for their your own personal gain while enrolled.  If “making money and doing your own thing” is his goal then this certainly wouldn’t be the right program for him. 
  • Anyone who is accepted is expected to commit or be mandated to the entire 18 months. We are not a “pit -stop” or an outpatient detox facility. 
  • They will get up at 4:45 AM Monday- Friday. Beds, closets, and living spaces must be neat and in a certain order. 
  • No long hair is allowed. For the first six months students will have to be clean-shaven (not including mustaches) until staff approves for a beard or goatee to be grown. 
  • For the first 90 days, students may write or receive letters from only 6 family members on their contact list. Pastors, church members, mentors, and fiancées are the only exception. No girlfriends or casual acquaintances. 
  • Our facility is sometimes referred to as a “spiritual bootcamp.” Classes and chapel services are mandatory. 
  • We realize recreation is vital to one’s peace of mind. We have a weight room/gym, basketball court, volleyball court, swimming, and various other activities provided on campus. These are limited but provided.

Phases of the program

There are four phases of A Better Way Ministries. Each phase is and its duration will be determined by the student’s commitment to your studies and overall attitude.  It will not be easy. A Better Way is not a glorified, drop-in center. It is a type of spiritual boot camp for men that want to be free from life-controlling issues.Each phase of the ministry is structured to insure growth and success in their future. These phases are subject to change due to their behavior during their time here. Privileges are added through the course of their time here.

Induction 30 days. They will go through basic discipleship. Biblical education, and A Better Way 101. In the classroom (spiritual and academic) the student will be required to participate to the best of their ability. 

13 months. The students will go through counseling, leadership training, and personal studies. They will be placed in different areas of our ministry services to work during the day. 

Transition is a time for students to prepare for stepping out again. They will be looking to gain employment while living in a less structured environment and more freedom. 

They can continue to work for the ministry as well. 

Even after students graduate, we provide an accountability group that meets once a week. It is lead by former graduates and includes transition students. Accountability is vital.